The Taste Menu #3

New York is gray and calm, but it's eerily warm for a late November day. It's supposedly going to reach 61°F/16°C on Thanksgiving, with temperatures otherwise hovering in the 50s until December. Is this the new normal? Is snow - regardless of how volatile my relationship with it is - to be a relic of the past? I am selfishly enjoying the warmer temperatures, though, leaving windows open and waking up to the fresh, crisp air whispering down my neck. I don't mind this lover.

My week on the web: 

  • I came upon a beautiful YouTube series, "Pretty," by hairunruled. They explore what beauty means for black women all over the world, from Paris to Milan to Tel Aviv. It's incredibly well filmed and edited, and the women they interview are bright, touching, and poetic. I urge everyone to watch this series, it touches upon important subjects on beauty, questioning current ideals and how we can redefine them, and is a must watch for any intersectional feminist. I watched all of the videos in one day, and though they are all poignant and moving, Minna from MsAfropolitan is particularly brilliant: 
  • I loved this piece from Into The gloss, in which 7 women lovingly talk about their stretch-marks. It's important to talk positively about what almost all women have, but it's something we rarely talk about, especially in the media. 
  • This NYTimes Op Ed, "Being Dishonest About Ugliness" is a thought-provoking piece on how to talk about "ugliness," or rather "ugly" people, and an important reminder of the weight beauty plays in society. 
  • An important news clip from a year ago, reminding us how media coverage on the "muslim world" is grossly generalizing and bigoted.
  •  On calling out Caitlyn Jenner for her views on what being a woman represents, but without being transphobic. 
  • I became obsessed by this podcast, Make It Happen, by Jen Carrington from the blog Jenny Purr. I urge any blogger to listen to all these episodes: Jenny interviews various successful bloggers/entrepreneurs and their insight is incredibly helpful, particularly if you're planning on taking your blog to the next level. 
  • I found out cats are deathly afraid of cucumbers. I tried it on mine though, and he just sniffed it and moved on.  

And that's it folks, I hope you're having, or had, a fantastic weekend, see you Tuesday for a new post on Conflicted Beauty. 


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