What's in my Bag, Unedited

What's in my bag posts and videos are some of the most popular on the beauty blogosphere. We love to ooh and ahh at the designer bags being showcased, drooling at the sound of expensive hardware zipping out to reveal impeccably placed wallets, keys, and makeup bags. 

A few months ago, I was tagged by Emma and the Beauty Blog to do a "What do the Contents of Your Handbag Say about You?" post (thanks Emma!), but due to my thesis over the summer, I'm only now getting back into the groove of blogging. I figured this would be a good opportunity to comment on the whole "What's in My Handbag" trend, because here's one thing I'm always wondering: Am I the only absolute slob in this world? Am I not fit to call myself a beauty blogger? All the posts I've seen in the past have featured bags organized so neatly, the contents so polished, each item pulled out of the bag as if it had been handed by a tiny gnome. 

Today I decided to let you peer into my bag (you voyeur you), completely unedited. I did not go "oh wait, let me not actually include the cat food in this post" because I wanted to give you a true, realistic look on what your average (or slightly crazy) gal has lumping around with her at all (or most) times. So let's dive in, shall we? 

  • To begin with, I do not have a designer bag. First of all I'm absolutely broke, and second of all I can't justify such a hefty price tag. I'm completely happy with this bag my boyfriend brought back from Italy for me (the first month we were dating!) and when I saw its handles were adjustable - meaning I could convert the bag to either a traditional off the shoulder bag, or a backpack, I knew it was love (with both the bf and the bag). It's handmade, with real leather, has a pocket in the front and a secret compartment in the middle of the bag where I hide my candy when I go into movie theaters.
  • In my bag I have another bag, my Baggu. I'm trying to use-up less plastic and be more aware of my environmental, "green" footprint, so I always have this on hand in case I make an impromptu trip to the grocery store. I love it. I try to come up with excuses to use it, because the little panthers on there make me extremely happy, and I like being able to say, "Oh I don't need a bag, I brought my ownnnnn" like a snobby Upper East Side mom.
  • Under the Baggu is a chopstick holder. As in the thing you put on the table to then place your chopsticks on. Yup. No comment.
  • I like Babybel, it's a great snack.
  • I have Ricola that, TBH, is really gross because it's covered in grime and one is actually still stuck to the bottom of my bag.
  • Loose change, doesn't everyone have this hiding at the bottom of their bags?
  • A tampon wrapper. I have no idea what happened to the actual tampon it once housed. I swear I don't use my bag as a receptacle. 
  • I bought this gold wallet from Hobo on sale over a year ago and I really like it. I don't always like things from that brand, but I like that it's compact, has lots of room for cards, has a side compartment for my coins, and it's GOLD!
  • RECEIPTS! RECEIPTS EVERYWHERE! Bonus points if you manage to count the exact amount. 
  • A metal straw that I took with me when I was too lazy to finish my drink when pre-gaming and decided to finish in the car by putting my mixed drink in a tupperware, punching a hole in it, and sipping it with my metal straw. I threw-out the container when we got to the bar but I was keeping that straw, goddamnit. 
  • Ok, I'll explain the cat food: You'll be relieved to find out I do not snack on said cat food. Said cat food is for my cat. My cat, however, is an ogre, and will wake me up at 5 in the morning, howling, until he gets fed. As such, he consumes more cat food than I'd like to divulge on here, and I am perpetually buying cat food.
  • A small makeup bag I bought from H&M where I keep inexpensive makeup (minus the Dior Lip Glow) because I've lost so many of my makeup bags (and often the handbag it was contained in) that were full of my favorite things that I'm now super paranoid and thus only cary things I wouldn't be too sad to lose, or wouldn't have to pay too much to replace. In here is my beloved Maybelline's Instant Rewind Concealer, L'Oreal's Telescopic waterproof liquid eyeliner, a M.A.C Eye Pencil in coffee, and a Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
  • A ticket-stub from seeing Spectre over the weekend, which, quite honestly, was a disappointing movie. 

So what do the contents of my handbag reveal? 

I'm filthy digusting, I like the environment, I have an asshole cat, I'm a drunk (?), but I'm a coquette, too. I'll be all those things honestly for you, though, and I promise not to edit things out to paint a perfect picture of a perfect (beauty) blogger. As my handbag reveals, we know for sure that ain't the case.