I Peer Into: Eva, Bartender

Eva and I met when I was 9, and she 10, when our parents started dating. Since then she's become not only my sister, but also my best friend. I really wanted to showcase her here because her approach to beauty is very laissez-faire, a quality I've always admired in Eva. She's a no bullshit kinda gal, and this much is true for her relationship to beauty as well. Eva doesn't care about the riff-raff, she cares about what you have to offer. She's also very pragmatic in her approach to things, and so I was curious to hear her views on makeup, how she views beauty, and how she defines it, all the while browsing through the makeup items she claims her own. 

Coline: When’s the first time you became aware of your appearance?

Eva: Definitely in school in like 5th or 6th grade. One of the quote on quote cute boys said he liked me and wanted to go out with me and then another girl said she would beat me up if I did and I was like what the fuck? I had never processed anything in my mind to be angry or aggressive toward other kinds of people so why would someone want to hurt me if this guy likes me? And then I was like "oh if this is the cute boy then maybe I must be cute too, if this boy wants to kick it and this girl wants to beat me up." But I was terrified, so I shied away from him. I was like “okayyyy, byeee.”

C: Did you look at yourself differently knowing the cute guy was into you?

E: I’m sure I did, yeah, maybe from that point I started thinking that other boys would start being interested in me.

C: How do you define beauty?

E: For me sometimes less is more. I think it’s important to showcase your natural self and to feel good, that’s like the experience of it too in a way. You look good, you feel good, but in a more profound way….You’re feeling comfortable in your skin. That’s natural beauty to me. I feel like today everyone’s obsessed with more, and masking oneself, and building on top of building instead of having an openness as to what we look like. Some people spend a long time putting on makeup – with foundation, and concealer, and intense eye makeup. I mean some people work it but it’s not for me. It’s pretty, but it’s too porno-y for me. I don’t find it very attractive. I like a more natural, guarded down beauty. It’s more serene.

C: How often do you wear makeup?

E: Usually only if I’m going to work or if I’m feeling in the mood to dress-up.

C: And do you feel different with it on?

E: I think so, yeah. It’s kind of like, it highlights the features that you like the most in a way.

C: And what features do you like most about yourself?

E: Definitely my eyes and my lips. And it was recently brought to my attention by my friend – she was like why don’t you wear bolder lipsticks so you highlight your cupid’s bow more? I thought that was kind of cool and now I’ve been trying to emphasize it more. I bought a matte lip liner and bolder lipstick; I’ve been experimenting with that.

C: What’s your relationship to beauty?

E: I mean I guess its different because most of the time when I’m getting ready and looking my best it’s because I’m going to work [Eva is a bartender]. And that’s become routine and habit – it’s not always rewarding, I put a lot of effort into looking nice, and if my payout is not as good it’s kind of like, why the fuck did I waste my time since I don’t really put on makeup in the sense of being free and enjoying myself, for me it’s always for a goal.

C: You’re putting all this work into making yourself stand out at work, so in a way does it seem like society rewards beauty, even monetarily, since for example you equate how you look with the amount of tips you get?

E: Well I’m not saying that’s how it is for the rest of the world, but that’s certainly how it is for the work I’m in. It’s a double edged sword, I’m not hating on it, but if someone is not looking their best on shift it usually tends to be the case. It’s very different because most of the makeup I wear is for weekends [when Eva works], I have to do it.


C: So you don’t really get enjoyment out of it?

E: Sometimes yes, more in the summertime because I like wearing skirts and dresses and I like complementing that but in the winter I just mainly wear jeans and I don’t feel as creative. For everyday, if I’m gonna put makeup on, I just put on some eyeliner and mascara and that’s it.

C: Speaking of mascara, what do you think of the one you have [Benefit's They're Real]?

E: I like that on the end of it it has those bristles that stick out so you can get all the eyelashes in the corner and it’s not clumpy at all.

C: And what’s your favorite makeup item that you own?

E: Definitely the eyeliner [Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum] , because it goes on very fine and I don’t know if it’s an illusion that my eyelashes are getting longer, but it’s better to have that on my side than something that’s destroying my eyelashes. It’s super fine and clean-looking, but I do wish that it was a tiny bit darker since it’s not a deep dark one. But I also kind of like that too because it’s not so bold, it’s a more natural-looking eyeliner.

C: Walk me through the rest of your bag.

E: The Jo Malone perfume I found from a sample of a few perfumes and this one stuck out to me. Now that it’s fall I wear it out a lot more because it’s a very fall fragrance. It’s very rich but muted. And it’s not overly feminine. This chick gave me this blush (looks at me) and it's really great, it works well with my skin tone [she has the shade seductive pink]. I also really like the Revlon Lipsticks [Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters], I have two of them, but I think this one is my favorite shade (Berry Smoothie). They're very comfortable to wear and not too intense. 

C: Okay I don’t know anyone else who uses baby powder for non-baby butts but you, and when I think of you, I immediately think of baby powder. Can you tell me exactly what you use it for?

E: It’s kinda like everything. I had bangs for a long time and that was kind of the first thing that got greasy cause they’re on your forehead all day so if I rubbed it in a little bit it would loosen up the oils – this is before I knew about dry shampoo, and then it just kind stuck.

C: So you just use it for your hair?

E: Mostly hair, but also sweaty areas (laughs), like I’ll put a little bit under the boobs sometimes to keep them dry.

C: Haha that’s awesome. And it doesn't get clumpy?

E: Baby powder keeps baby’s butts dry and I want my butt and other places to be dry also.

C: I think this is a great way to end this. Words of wisdom right there.

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