Three Nail Polish Loves

I never thought I would write about nail polish (I usually have NO interest in reading about nail polish, and when a YouTuber talks about a nail polish I usually fast-forward the video), but because one shade in particular has not left my nails since I purchased, I thought it'd be a good reason to tell you about it and a few other favorites. So let's get to it:

1. Essie "Plumberry"

The perfect alternative to classic red nail, this (plum)berry shade is still very chic but a little more playful and is really beautiful on both toes and fingers. It's a somewhat oxymoronic shade: sexy, vampy, but innocent. I love wearing this color around Christmas-time, actually, because it has a warm, sweet quality to it, but it still brings a little sass. 

2. L'Oreal  "l'orange"

I don't hear much about L'Oreal nailpolishes, but I really love the colors they offer. One of my favorite colors is orange - I feel like it doesn't get enough love! I find particularly lovely on nails, as it really perks up an outfit, looks cool and hip, and whenever I look at my nails it just makes me happy. What's not to love? I find the quality of the L'Oreal nailpolishes just as good as the Essie ones, and I love that the brush is nice and fat, but still allows for precise application.

3. Essie "mamba"

Here's the nail polish that inspired this post. Job interview? This is what I'd reach for. Wedding? I'm going to one this weekend and you bet this will be my top choice. Fancy date? You guessed it. This one's perfect.

This color just hits the mark for every occasion. It's elegant, neutral, but a little more interesting than a completely classic nude, or light pink shade. It's every so slightly shimmery, but just barely. I feel grown-up but coquette nonetheless when I have it on. Whenever I get a glimpse of my nails painted in this colors, I feel a strange sense of pride. Like, "Yeah Coline, you have your shit together, don't worry." Is it true? Absolutely not. It's because I feel like for once in my life, I made the most perfect decision going with this shade.



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