The Taste Menu #1

Every Sunday, I'll post a menu of sorts, with articles, books, music, humorous posts or blogs that I've discovered or enjoyed. There's no real rule to it, only things I think are worth sharing that you can pick and choose to indulge in or not. Here's this week's edition, and the first installment: 

  1. Old news, but a truly wonderful, poignant, and important read: Ta-Nehisi Coates' Case for Reparations in which he argues that African-Americans should receive reparations for the years and years of active racism in the U.S. and of its lasting, and persisting, damage. Coates recently won the George Polk Award for this piece. It's a long one, yes, but you won't regret it. Get a cup of tea and make it through the end. 
  2. The best buttermilk pancake recipe I've ever tried. Seriously, no other pancakes will taste the same after making these. Making pancakes is seriously easy, so toss out all your Aunt Jamima's boxes lying around. I made these on Pancake Day (a.k.a the best day ever) and everyone was thoroughly impressed, including my British friends who usually prefer thinner, European style pancakes (i.e. crepes). 
  3. Again, an older article but one I find important and relevant (to me). A woman's list of the things she is "ashamed" to do while navigating the world as a woman and feminist. 
  4. Another thing for us to feel ashamed of (the list always gets longer) 
  5. Though this artist didn't win NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest (he did), this one blew me away just as much: 

- Coline

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