Product Review: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Concealer in shade "Sand" on the left, pressed powder on the right. 

Concealer in shade "Sand" on the left, pressed powder on the right. 

To conceal. We are often on this mission to disguise, to mask our imperfections. We must not show the blemishes. We must not show the shadows of sleep. On the Bobbi Brown website, she describes this product as a perfect camouflage. Indeed, concealer is a sort of war-paint. 

Concealer is first, however, a play on light. It brightens dark areas. It covers up others and it shifts the focus and fools the eye. Concealer is our best ruse. Ironically, it helps us look more "awake" by covering up under-eye circles when it is perhaps in our most fatigued states that we are acutely aware of being alive. 

In any case. Like our skin, our concealer must be perfect. It must possess just the right consistency, it must be able to withstand the day, it should have just the right amount of coverage without being noticeable and, most importantly: it must not crease. Like a Commandment etched in stone, this rule cannot be overlooked. Concealer, thou shalt not crease.

Unfortunately, Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit (it comes with a pressed powder) fails horribly. The texture slides on your face without having any grip on the areas you want it to stick to. This morning, deciding to give it another go (for the price I paid, I've given it many, many tries), I put some of this concealer on a small spot on my forehead, set it with the powder and when I looked in the mirror at 3 pm, the concealer had migrated to the center of my nose. An exodus of a blob in hostile territory.  

If you apply the product under your eyes, be prepared to look 10 years older. Though the concealer refuses to cover up or "hold on" to the spots you want it to hide, it does a very good job at settling in your fine lines and declaring its presence. To be fair- it does not help that I was wrongly color matched to this concealer and that it is perhaps a shade or two too light. Though some might like an incredibly lighter concealer under their eye area (to brighten, and, again, play on light) I want it to look like the rest of my skin in order to fool even more: Ah, you see, this is how I always look! I did get lots of sleep, I am alive!

Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer is over-hyped and has nothing going for it except for the little side of powder that accompanies it. Though given the great amount of high-street (main street) brands that make wonderful powders these days, this product is one I'll forever feel guilty to have purchased since it's a very expensive piece of garbage.

Price:  ‎£24.50/ $30.00

Overall Grade: F

- Coline

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