The Taste Menu #2

Nice, France. View from my grandma's house. 

Nice, France. View from my grandma's house. 

Welcome to March. I know this is a hackneyed phrase, but I can't believe how fast time is flying. Winter crept up and chilled our bones, and today I basked in the sun reading and drinking tea for hours (The fact that I am in the South of France certainly helps...) I don't look forward to going back to London weather, but at least it's all uphill (let's hope) from here. 

As promised, here's this Sunday's Taste Menu. A few links I think you'll enjoy, or that I at least did:

  1. NPR's new podcast, Invisibilia. If you like This American Life and Radiolab, then this one's for you. If none of what I'm saying makes sense to you, then get listening right now. These one hour episodes are beautiful essays on life. Invisibila explores, in their own words, "the intangible forces that shape human behavior." I found this episode particularly fascinating (bats! rabies!)
  2. Speaking of This American Life, this episode from two and three weeks ago (it's a two part episode) had me crying on the street as I was listening to it. A seriously important subject to discuss (policing and race in the U.S) in the wake of all's that happened recently, and from the beginning of time. 
  3. One of my favorite blogs, Lexicon Valley. Lex Valley focuses on language but makes the subject approachable, interesting and entertaining. Though I study linguistics so this is of interest to me, it's certainly worth a visit to anyone who has any interest in the life of words and language beyond the opening of our mouths and the twist of our tongues. 
  4. Wired explains why we see #thedress either as being white or blue (I see it as being blue and black/beige, by the way.)
  5. A really poignant and beautifully written piece in the New Yorker by a novelist who ponders a question we're sometimes afraid to confront: Why does beauty matter so much, especially in our perceptions of women? 


- Coline

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