Why I buy Men's Razors (and Why You Should Too)

No, it's not because I'm part grizzly (though from the look of my dad I sometimes wonder). Nor is it because I'm trying to make a statement. It comes down to only three things: quality, price, and value. 


Nowadays, I find it's hard to find a "woman's" razor that doesn't come with all the extra hoopla. I'm not sure why the razors are adorned with gigantic heads that supposedly have soothing or moisturizing properties. After two weeks, the blades look absolutely disgusting, and I'm pretty sure they make no difference in the softness of your skin. Plus, that's what a moisturizer is for. Slather it all over yourself post shave and you'll get true results.

Secondly, understand that all brands take advantage of the shopping power women have. We are the world's top consumers. Brands therefore use this to their benefit and up the price of women's products as much as they can get away with. Example A: razors. 

Walk down the men's aisle and then the women's and you'll see that every razor in the woman's aisle is at least a dollar/pound more expensive. But don't just focus on the price, also see what's included with the item. For example, the above razor I bought this week cost me 7 pounds. It came with two extra cartridges. There was one woman's razor for the same price, but no other cartridges were included. The decision was an easy one. 

Don't worry, using a man's razor is not going to turn you into a man. You can find some with three or five blades in a cartridge, just like you can in a woman's razor. It won't make your hair more coarse or your legs develop a five o'clock shadow. Because men's razors don't have the frivolous and asinine gadgets women's blades have, I also find they last me longer until I need to change the cartridge. Plus, I swear the blades are a little sharper, too, so that my legs always feel a little softer than if I had used a woman's razor (but remember, I may be part grizzly). 

In general, look down the men's aisles whenever you think a product doesn't need to be gendered. Shaving cream? Also often times cheaper for men. Socks? Same. Combs? You betcha. Don't fall victim to the "woman tax," we spend enough as it is for things men don't have to worry about (looking at you tampon aisle). Plus, what's that shining over there, on the other side of the store? Oh, yes, the new masacara I absolutely need...