Product Review: Bourjois' 123 Perfect CC Cream

If you read my review of the Nars tinted moisturizer, you'll know that I've been on the hunt for something to replace it -- but for at least half the price. After all, $42 for something I have to replace about every three months is a little hard to swallow, especially when you're on a student budget like mine.  Unexpectedly, I think I've found a great contender: Bourjois' CC Cream. 

BB Creams, CC Creams, Tinted's hard to keep track of all the new marketing language that keeps surfacing. Just when you thought we'd already gone through the entire alphabet, Estee Lauder launched their EE Cream. While I agree things are getting a little out of hand, I do think some of these products are true game changers. In general, I find BB creams to have slightly more coverage than tinted moisturizers (TM), though both have less coverage than foundation and provide skin-like finishes. Because I like skin to look as fresh and as natural as possible, I usually go either the BB or TM route and dish out the foundation when I want to feel extra fancy. 

So what about this CC Cream? Upon first application, my jaw dropped by how much coverage it seemed to provide. I even posted a photo on instagram exclaiming my amazement at the amount of coverage it gave. However, I'd like to rectify this statement. For once, I am willing to go on record saying that I agree with the labeling and name of the product. Because yes, it doesn't as much give coverage as it...color corrects. So while at first I thought it gave "too much" coverage, the truth is that the product looks extremely natural. Even more so than the Nars tinted moisturizer. The light-reflecting particles in the cream color correct the skin-tone so that if you have redder and darker areas in your face, all will appear even. And if you look a little pallid and grey, this will give you the radiance you're looking for. 

The wear-time isn't as great as the Nars TM though and I have to keep my T-zone in check by the end of the day, but it really provides a boost to your skin that will fool the naked eye into thinking you've been blessed with the skin of an angel. Another thing the Nars TM has going over this CC Cream is that it has twice the amount of sunscreen. Bourjois claims it has an SPF of 15, which honestly doesn't really do anything. But you know what? It's only £9.99/$14. I can buy THREE of them for the price of one Nars tinted moisturizer. That, for me, is reason enough for this product to become a staple in my makeup collection. 

Unfortunately if you're in the U.S, Bourjois is a little harder to come by, but it's really worth looking into the brand. You can find a lot of their products on ASOS, though they offer only a limited offering from the line. Bourjois is the leading "drugstore" (in terms of price) brand in France and is extremely popular in the rest of Europe. It's owned by Chanel, so all of their products are made in the same factory and it's said that what you can find at Chanel you're likely to (more or less) find at Bourjois. I'll do a post on Bourjois products in the near-future, but standouts from the brand are their foundations (and CC cream!), lipsticks, and powders. 

Have you tried Bourjois? What do you think of the CC Cream?