Bourjois' Bronzing Powder Makes you Glow like a Sunflower

Friends, lover, readers: Don’t comment on how healthy I look. Don’t tell me how sun-kissed I appear. Instead, tell me I am the most beautiful little liar you have seen. This, is the power of subtle bronzer.

After being locked away for weeks working on papers (okay...and a quick trip to Paris in between), I’ve gazed more at my walls and my screen than I’ve felt the sun on my skin. Certainly, what you see in the photo is not how I woke up. No Beyonce hashtag here.

Nowadays, when many of us think bronzer, we think Kim Kardashian. We think intense contouring and of the occasional woman on the street who’s overdone it so much she almost appears to be growing a five o’clock shadow. And bronzer is also surprisingly difficult to get right, at least in my experience. Bronzer can easily look too orange, it can look too grey, and instead of making your face glow it can make you look like you’ve just gone somersaulting through a dog run, face forward. But when done right (i.e. subtly) bronzer can really perk up a face. (By the way, bronzer and contouring are not the same thing! bronzer is more warm-toned, contouring more grey to give the appearance of a natural shadow.)

My first real foray into bronzer started over a year ago when I purchased the Nars bronzer in Laguna everyone raved about. In the dead of winter my lackluster skin needed a pick-me up. However, while everyone raved about how miraculous this product was, I felt it made me look even more sallow, even more grey. No matter how little or how much I put, in various areas of my face, the coloring of this bronzer simply did not work. Now I have a $55.00 product sitting in the bottom of a shelf convincing myself one day it will.

Before you take such a giant plunge wallet-wise, go the drugstore route. I’ve been really, really surprised at some of the ones I’ve purchased recently on the main street market, and it’s what made me give bronzer another chance to begin with. I’ll write more on these later, but I wanted to talk about one in particular that hasn’t left my face since I purchased it: Bourjois’ Delice-de-Poudre-Bronzing-Powder. I bought this on a complete whim, after having popped into the Bourjois shop in Paris (after seeing the 3 for 2 discount) and trying to find a third product to finalize my purchase. My boyfriend (bless his soul for accompanying me), seeing how frazzled I was in trying to make a decision, said “why don’t you go with something you wouldn’t normally get?” I decided to go with this one because it looked like a chocolate bar and that amused me, and because though I hadn’t given bronzer much thought since the Nars fail, I had heard some good reviews of it. I’m glad, for once, that I listened to him.

The bronzer looks neither orange nor gray, and though it has a few shimmers in its formula, you can’t detect it on the skin. I was completely delighted by how it looked on my face and how it just warmed up my skin subtly enough without looking like makeup. I’ve received many compliments as well since wearing it, though no-one has been able to point out the "culprit."

Here’s how I apply it: anywhere the sun would normally hit. On the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, a tiny bit on the chin, and slightly on the forehead. I put just enough product on my brush, and go back in on the side of my cheeks farthest away from the center of my face. I also put a tiny bit on my neck so that it doesn't look too pale in comparison. I top off with a touch of blush (I used Tipsy by Tarte) and voila. No highlighter, I think it looks more natural like this and it does a really good job illuminating the face without having a glittery effect. I was initially kind of put off by the packaging and afraid the product would smell like actual chocolate (I don’t need my makeup to make me feel hungry) but I actually really, really love the scent. It’s sweet but in the two senses of the word: saccharine and adorable.

Though contouring doesn’t seem very appealing to me, I’m glad I gave bronzer a chance again. I have a feeling this one's going to be a dear friend of mine in the next couple months.

Top: Nars Laguna compared to bottom: Bourjois Bronzing Powder

Top: Nars Laguna compared to bottom: Bourjois Bronzing Powder

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