My Plea to All Beauty Bloggers, or, Why Are All the Beauty Bloggers Obsessed with Candles? (and Other Cliches)

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There are two things in my life that I have a serious addiction for:

1. sugar, and

2. watching beauty videos on YouTube (and reading beauty blogs as well of course!). 

While I'm currently working on eliminating the first one from my diet (a hard task...) I'm not ready to give up the last in my life (why should I?). 

But in my evolving consumption of YouTube videos from a plethora (dare I say hundreds?) of beauty bloggers, I've noticed recurring motifs that have an effect of blending them all together. Because, at the end of the day, apart from the faces presenting the products, the backgrounds often look the same. I'm here to beg you to cut the crap out.

The wonderful world of blogging allows us to be creative, to be individualistic. While many people will criticise the world of beauty blogging as being a futile one, I believe it not only creates a supportive community, it gives women a voice; it allows them to have assertive opinions (is this product good? Is it necessary?); it allows them to be inventive and imaginative, not only through their writing, but also through the way their blog is presented: how things are laid out, how the pictures are taken, how products can be showcased or highlighted, how to convince not just through content but through design as well.

What makes people want to watch (or read) a certain person, I believe, is because what they are presenting to the world is unique. Because what they're saying, and how they're saying it, is original. We need to escape from the beauty blogger archetype and stop emulating the accessories. The only accessory you need is your own creativity. 

Here, then, is the list of things I am banning from my website and home, and hope you'll join me in my endeavour. I present to you, the four things almost all beauty bloggers have:


1. The Alex shelving unit from Ikea.

Yes, I admit, this shelf is pretty sexy. 

But I swear if I see another girl on YouTube going through her makeup collection stored in this thing, I'm going to choke someone. 





2. The Micke desk in white, also from Ikea (or alternatively, the Alex desk)

I get that Ikea produces really nice, sleek, modern designs for an affordable price. But do you really want a desk that everyone and their mother has? If yes, then fine, but are you getting it because you really like it, or because your bloglovin feed is brainwashing you into thinking this is the desk you need to blog?



3. Muji Acrylic Boxes

Okay, now these may be practical, but they are damn fugly.

There are SO many options for little storage boxes. And why do they have to be clear? Why can't there be some funky colourful ones? Like these, or these. And why acrylic? Those clear ones are just an eyesore...




 4. Diptyqye Candles (or Jo Malone)

$60/£40.00 for a candle? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Hell freaking no.  I don't think I've ever said this, but here it goes: I don't even... 

Sure, pampering yourself to some nice luxury products once in a while feels good. But feeling as though this is another mandatory prop in order to become a beauty guru is unfortunate. 

Make you own candles! Light some incense! Get some fresh lavender! Open your windows and let the sunshine penetrate instead...

Finally, if these things make you happy, then get them without the guilt. But then again, make sure you're doing it because you genuinely do like them, not because you saw it replicated a million times over on YouTube. It's great that we can inspire one another, but let's get the inspiration rolling, not stagnating!