Healthy, Easy, Delicious, Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Here on Conflicted Beauty, you won't see me post many healthy recipes, or recipes period. Not only am I far from being a chef, I also find the whole "healthy" blogging lifestyle somewhat problematic. As a beauty blogger, I'm more than aware of the ideals behind beauty that dictate our usage of many products; I have no qualms about admitting to the fact that the reason I put concealer under my eyes is to cover up my dark circles, not because it gives me creative freedom and pleasure. Hence, the name of this blog.  

The beauty blogging world is already too much enthralled in how we look that I do not want to add to a rhetoric of the body. Though I am evidently for having a healthy diet and I completely agree that we have an obesity crisis (how can I not?), and that our foods are too often processed and full of unhealthy additives (looking at you, sugar), I will never post tips for losing weight, dieting, or on how to stay "healthy." 

That being said, I am so addicted to this recipe that I wanted to showcase it here. This ice-cream recipe has absolutely zero sugar and only one star ingredient: bananas. It took me 5 minutes to make, minus the waiting time for the bananas to freeze. And if you have a sweet tooth like me but are afraid of indulging, well, here's a delicious recipe you can feel guilt-free about. So let's get to it, yes?

1. First, you want to cut your bananas (I used 2, but feel free to use as many as you want to up the quantities) into small pieces, and place them straight on a plate. The more ripe the bananas, the better (it will make the ice cream sweeter). 

2. Put your plate in the freezer and wait for the pieces to freeze (about 2 hours).

3. Get a blender or food processor, and add the banana pieces into it.

4. If you want, you can add vanilla, cinnamon, and milk. I added a tiiiiiiny bit of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. About two tablespoons.

5. Blend away! (until everything is mushed)

6. Serve, and enjoy heaven. 

The result? An incredibly creamy, delightful treat that is so amazingly delicious (and requires no skills) that you'll be pining for this on a weekly (or daily) basis.