For You I Tried: RocksBox

The concept it nothing short of (in)genius: For just under $20 a month, you get a box of three personally selected pieces of jewelry, picked by a stylist who determined your taste profile from a questionnaire you fill out upon signing up. You can add jewelry featured on their site to your “wishlist,” with the expectation that at least one of those items will make its way into your box. If you like them, and want to keep them, you can purchase them at a discount (and you get an extra 10 dollars off every month). If you don't, you can return the box and a new one will be sent to you.

When my friend Nicole came to visit me over New Year’s, I peered at her jewelry and asked her where she had gotten them. Broke, but drunk, I nonetheless immediately signed up for the subscription box-service after she revealed how she had acquired them. I added about 20 items to my wish-list and mildly forgot about my (small, but irresponsible) dent in my wallet until a cute little package showed up at my doorstep. Here’s what I got:


Untying the pink bow to open the box, I felt a sense of giddiness akin to a little girl getting a pony on Christmas. The packaging, the box itself and everything inside, is adorable. I loved seeing my name on a bright-pink square piece of paper as soon as I opened up the box. Everything is tastefully wrapped and the pieces all come in their own little satchels.


Everything is pretty, but the bracelet wasn’t particularly in my taste. It’s too heavy, and even though it’s adjustable, it was still too big for my freakishly small wrists (considering my size) and sort of bored me.

The necklace is pretty in theory, especially when featured on RockBox’s Instagram, but had an awkward length for someone as busty as me: I felt like I was wearing a pendulum over my t-shirt. If I were to wear a more low-cut top, the longer piece would simply sit against the gore of my bra, nestled between my two breasts. Not exactly the look I want to go for.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the earrings at first, but once I put them on I did think they looked very pretty. However, I had to take them off after a few hours since my ears can’t tolerate anything that’s not real silver (or stainless steel) and they start to burn and itch. Though this is something I could have mentioned in my “notes to the stylist” on my profile, I am a little disappointed that a supposedly $45 pair of earrings ($36 at the “insider’s price”) are made of cheap material (even though they’re supposedly gold-plated, which I have a hard time believing).

I would return the whole box but I foolishly set the earrings down on my bed-side table, and my cat decided to play mouse with them, so I have no idea where they are. This means I’ll be forced to buy them, another downside if you’re a ditz like me. However, at the insider’s price, plus my $10 off  monthly play money, it’s not a bad deal...if I find them (I will, however, send back the rest). This means that in another month's time, another box will show up.

You can, however, decided to keep the box as long as you want, though the monthly charge of $19 will still be added to your account, and soon the cost of the subscription will be greater than the cost of the jewelry. But whatever floats your boat girl, whatever floats your boat.

Though I’m not swooning over this box, I am going to give it one more chance, only because I really loved what my friend had received and am too lazy to look for jewelry on my own. I also like the idea that you get to try on something that you might not have necessarily picked out on your own, test it out for a few days, and be, hopefully, pleasantly surprised. The site does allow you to rate each item you receive, so hopefully my stylist will be able to take my criticism into account in the next box she sends me.

I'll keep you posted.