The Taste Menu: October

Next month, the United States will have a new president. There are 6 days until election, and with new scandals every day, everything feels a bit like a surreal and dystopic. Add to that the colder weather, the shorter days, and some long days in the office (hence my relative silence - as much as I've been wanting to blog I just haven't had the time), October has been a tiresome month and I'm looking forward to a November spent with more family (I'll be flying off to California to see some family and friends) and with more time to write (outside of work.) I have, however, come across some great reading from all corners of the internet, and have been playing the same two tunes over, and over, and over again. 

So here's this month's menu. Apologies for the absence of beauty, I'll have a post rounding up my new favorites very soon.



I binge-watched two things this month (Amazon is really emerging from the streaming scene with some A-list content):

1. Fleabag is painfully funny and sad all at once, and the main character is an amazing actress. I think all of us can relate to this show. 

2. Good Girls Revolt is a little bit on the nose at time, but it's still enjoyably bingeable, and, by turning the spotlight on women fighting for equal rights at a New York magazine, is basically a feminist version of Mad Men. Win. 


  • I haven't listened to a song again, and again, and again (and again) in a long, long time. But this new single from The Dirty Projectors is completely haunting and has served as this month's constant soundtrack. 

Another obssession is this new French band (though you'd never know) that's the perfect mix between R&B, electro, and pop: