For You I Tried: Tuft & Needle Mattress

You may have heard of this new mattress trend: Casper, Leesa, Saatva, Tuft & Needle...the expandable foam, mail-order mattress concept is decisively taking the mattress industry by storm. By offering one type of mattress only, making that mattress well, offering attractive prices, compressing the mattress into a cardboard box a third of its size and having it arrive at your door, it's no wonder they're so successful. But are they really worth the hype?

My curiosity for these mattresses arose one very late night as I explored the depths of YouTube (as I often do...). I landed on a review of Casper vs. Leesa, and realized there were hundreds of these videos: a completely different type of "unboxing" video, where you see the customer open up the box, watch in awe as the mattress decompresses and inflates into a normal size, firm, mattress, and then describe to you its features, firmness, etc. I watched countless of the and, bizarrely extremely satisfied watching these reviews, fell asleep. 

Over a year later, after the boyfriend and I moved apartments and trashed our way-too-soft mattress, we decided to go with Tuft & Needle for its unbeatable price and because I had read that it was slightly firmer than Casper (we both suffer from really bad backs). There's also lots of fancy descriptions on their website as to how their two layers of foam work and are supposed to keep you cool at night instead a sweaty, swampy mess. So, okay, we were sold. 

The verdict?

First, the unboxing did not let me down. There is something EXTREMELY enjoyable and pleasing in watching the mattress come to life as you release it from its box. It suddenly swells up as if it were, this whole time, waiting for you to emancipate it from its cage and return it to its intended habitat. How it becomes firm so fast, I have no idea, but it does. After 3 minutes, you have a completely sleepable bed.  

As soon as I lied down on the mattress, I wanted to hibernate for the whole season. It's like my body had been waiting for this moment. Keep in mind, however, that we had been sleeping on an incredibly uncomfortable mattress since the move and had been sleeping horribly. This new change was therefore all we could think about. We both exclaimed oohs and ahs as we burried ourself under the covers, and promptly passed out. The next day, my boyfriend's lower back-pain was completely gone. Though I had gotten only five hours of sleep, I felt a lot more alive than I had since starting my new job

A few days have passed since our purchase, and when I awoke this morning, I asked Andrew: Do you think this mattress is too firm? Without hesitation he said no, that to him, it was perfect. At brunch today, he raved about it some more. It's perhaps a taaaaaad bit too firm for me (I'd give it an 8 out of 10 in terms of firmness) but it is still very comfy, and your body sits really nicely on top of it, with zero sinkage. I therefore have zero regrets, and would absolutely recommend it. If you want more sinkage, I believe Casper is supposed to be a tiny bit less firm, but you know what the magic thing about these mattresses is? You can try it out for a 100 days, and if you're not satisfied, send it back.

Ultimately, the price and convenience of this mattress can't be beat, and the support for your back it offers (an comfiness, too) is incredible. It's definitely a win for me. 

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