Becoming A Better Citizen (and Blogger)

As many have already pointed out, the recent march on Washington (and around the world) is not enough. Crucial to this effort is what comes next. Wearing hand-made pink pussycat hats, making a nice sign, and walking in unison with others is a good message to the world, but it’s meaningless if it does not lead to personal political involvement and further action. The most dangerous consequence of a march is that it can leave people feeling as though they’ve done their part. This can lead to idleness….and thus result in zero progress.

Since the new year, I’ve remained silent on this blog because I was unsure what direction I wanted to take it in. I’ve felt incapable of talking about lipstick or “favorite beauty items of 2016” because it seemed so trivial and silly when the world around us feels it’s crashing down. Even though I felt my voice was more important than ever, I also felt as though it had failed others.

I needed to re-assess my priorities, examine the way my feminism had been selfish: a white, cis-gendered, heterosexually-minded form of feminism. This is wrong. I am embarrassed.

I don’t yet know if I will abandon talking about the tools I’ve used for so long to paint and trace my face. It’s a topic I think deserves intelligent thought, and it’s one that often leads to longer pauses and contemplation on who we are as women, and how society shapes our definition. This is important.

But I also know that I want to be more political, that I want intersectionality to spill at the seams of my writing, that I need to address more pointedly the very dystopic realities we (people who identify as women) are facing, and that nothing is more important to me than learning to become a more inclusive feminist, a more mindful citizen, and a more combative woman. Because the upcoming years will present us with one of the biggest fights of our lives; and when those four years end, the fight must continue.

As I move forward with this blog in 2017, I therefore pledge to talk more actively about women’s issues (reproductive rights, sexism, intersectional feminism, mental health, body image, etc.), ethical living (because global warming is real and our consumer culture is toxic to the earth), actionable guidelines in surviving and fighting the age of Trump, and, staying true to my roots, short essays on our beauty culture.

That’s not to say I want to abandon the categories I’ve created on this blog. I miss peering into other women’s bags as we talk feminism and the pressure to be “beautiful.” Though they were rare, I miss writing letters to my most vulnerable parts. I miss trying things out for you, but I also want to try things that better reflect my vision of the world, or things/concepts that are interesting to dwell upon (for example, I was going to talk about my recent experience with Trunk Club, but I don’t want to support a subscription-based lifestyle. Instead, stay-tuned for my experience about trying out the cup! I’m also debating whether it’s worth talking about getting a Brazilian wax and its implications on our bodies. Thoughts?). Out, however, are beauty reviews (for the foreseeable future at least) though I’ll still profile individual products on my Instagram.

I’m not entirely confident in the exact path this blog will take, but it’s possible that it becomes a lot less conflicted. I do want you to know that I’m not going anywhere, however, and that I plan to write more frequently (expect 2 articles a week), and more intentionally. I owe it to you.

I’m looking forward to this new journey, and I’m feeling, finally, energized and inspired by the breadth of topics that deserves coverage. I hope you’ll stick with me.