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For Valentines Day I Tried: Dying My Pubic Hair Pink

Around this time of year, the internet blows up with Valentine’s Day posts. What to do, what to wear, what makeup to put on…it becomes quite repetitive and quite pontifical, and makes the valentine-less feel left out. Valentine’s Day, I do not need to remind you, is a holiday brilliantly created by Hallmark to drive sales of cards, chocolates, and flowers. Of course, though it’s nice to show your love and dedication to your partner on a particular day of the year, this can easily fall into traditional gender roles…and easily get super corny. After all, shouldn’t we be showing our love as much as we can? And will a trip to the store to buy a card or flowers really be a true token of love? This year, I will not be giving chocolates. I will not make dinner. I will not cut big hearts into red construction paper. I will do something fun for myself, as should you. Tough it doesn’t hurt that my partner might enjoy it as well…

Yes, I’ve decided to dye my pubic hair pink.

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Let's Talk Bras. Let's Talk Nipples.

If there is perhaps one thing both men and women are utterly clueless about, it is bras. Yes, I am going ahead and making this incredible generalisation. I am even going to dare say that I am almost 80% sure that if you are wearing a bra right now, it is most likely in the wrong size.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm wearing the wrong bra size.

First, let's go through a checklist:

  1. Have you ever gotten fitted?
    • If yes, was it at Victoria's Secret?
  2. Do you buy most of your bras at Victoria's Secret?
  3. Do you know the difference between a cup and a band size?

If you've answered yes/yes/yes/no or no/yes/no then for God's sake, keep on reading. 

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