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For You I Tried: Nexplanon Birth Control Implant [Guest Post]

First of all, let’s get one thing straight, dear reader: I did not try the Nexplanon implant for you. I tried it for me. But as your humble servant and guest blogger, I am more than happy to tell you about the good things Nexplanon has done for my body and my mind.

A year and a half ago, shortly after I moved to New York City, I took a ferry across the harbor to the Staten Island location of Planned Parenthood to get a prescription for the same birth control pills I’d been taking in Virginia. The nurse told me that, due to my high blood pressure reading, I should consider getting off pills containing estrogen stat. My birth control pills were putting me at an increased risk of stroke. Not a fun thing to hear.

The nurse recommended that I try either a non-hormonal method like the copper IUD or something with only the hormone progestin. She suggested the Nexplanon arm implant. The matchstick-sized plastic rod steadily discharges progestin into the body, she explained, preventing the ovaries from releasing mature eggs. It also thickens the cervical mucus to stop sperm from entering the uterus in the first place. Built to stay snuggled in the flesh of my arm for up to three years, the Nexplanon implant would be free with my health insurance.

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For Valentines Day I Tried: Dying My Pubic Hair Pink

Around this time of year, the internet blows up with Valentine’s Day posts. What to do, what to wear, what makeup to put on…it becomes quite repetitive and quite pontifical, and makes the valentine-less feel left out. Valentine’s Day, I do not need to remind you, is a holiday brilliantly created by Hallmark to drive sales of cards, chocolates, and flowers. Of course, though it’s nice to show your love and dedication to your partner on a particular day of the year, this can easily fall into traditional gender roles…and easily get super corny. After all, shouldn’t we be showing our love as much as we can? And will a trip to the store to buy a card or flowers really be a true token of love? This year, I will not be giving chocolates. I will not make dinner. I will not cut big hearts into red construction paper. I will do something fun for myself, as should you. Tough it doesn’t hurt that my partner might enjoy it as well…

Yes, I’ve decided to dye my pubic hair pink.

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For You I Tried: RocksBox

The concept it nothing short of (in)genius: For just under $20 a month, you get a box of three personally selected pieces of jewelry, picked by a stylist who determined your taste profile from a questionnaire you fill out upon signing up. You can add jewelry featured on their site to your “wishlist,” with the expectation that at least one of those items will make its way into your box. If you like them, and want to keep them, you can purchase them at a discount (and you get an extra 10 dollars off every month). If you don't, you can return the box and a new one will be sent to you.

When my friend Nicole came to visit me over New Year’s, I peered at her jewelry and asked her where she had gotten them. Broke, but drunk, I nonetheless immediately signed up for the subscription box-service after she revealed how she had acquired them. I added about 20 items to my wish-list and mildly forgot about my (small, but irresponsible) dent in my wallet until a cute little package showed up at my doorstep. Here’s what I got:

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For You I Tried: Period Underwear


When I saw the ads for these, I immediately knew I had to try them. First of all, the fact that the ad had been banned from NY subways, while this one had been allowed to run no problem, had me fuming... which only added to my curiosity for the brand. Second, I wanted to try an alterative to pads and tampons (apart from the cup, which I’m testing next), or be able to wear it in conjunction with them (leaky faucet, anyone?). So, three weeks ago, I placed my order. And then I waited for my period…

I decided to purchase the Hiphugger (which offers the most protection out of the 5 other options) because I don’t do things half-ass here. And also, I wanted to push the underwear to its limit.  And because, of course, I’m #happytobleed and #PeriodPositive and wanted to be free to do so with the most protection.

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