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For You I Tried: Period Underwear


When I saw the ads for these, I immediately knew I had to try them. First of all, the fact that the ad had been banned from NY subways, while this one had been allowed to run no problem, had me fuming... which only added to my curiosity for the brand. Second, I wanted to try an alterative to pads and tampons (apart from the cup, which I’m testing next), or be able to wear it in conjunction with them (leaky faucet, anyone?). So, three weeks ago, I placed my order. And then I waited for my period…

I decided to purchase the Hiphugger (which offers the most protection out of the 5 other options) because I don’t do things half-ass here. And also, I wanted to push the underwear to its limit.  And because, of course, I’m #happytobleed and #PeriodPositive and wanted to be free to do so with the most protection.

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