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Skincare: The Winter Edit

Here on the beauty blogosphere, skin is an utmost concern. When I did my research on the discourse of beauty found in beauty blogs, I was surprised to see that the most frequent lexical token to appear over, and over, and over again, was skin. For the bloggers I analyzed (the top 5 most popular U.K blogs), an emphasis on skin as flawless, radiant, and never too made up, was heavily placed. The look of the skin is more important than the look of a product, or of any other facial features, and therefore adds to a rhetoric of beauty associated with having an impeccable canvas. A skin’s healthiness, so perceived by its glow, is therefore at the core of the definition of beauty we have come to craft. 

We are all affected by this ideal of beauty. Blemishes are covered-up and treated, dry skin appeased and revived, greasy skin blotted down and mattified, etc. “Combination skin,” “dry skin,” “problem skin” or “aggravated skin” resurfaced in the corpus I gathered, the implicature being that such conditions are problematic. Winter (harsh, cold, and dry) is therefore a great cause for concern when it comes to the condition of our skin. 

Just because I like to critique our discourses of beauty does not mean I am not guilty of partaking in and employing them. Though I like to fight current ideals of beauty, I'm still, unfortunately, subject to them. And I, too, thus strive hard to have good skin. I mean, I run a freaking beauty blog for heaven's sake: I'm a coquette, I indulge in the things that make me feel pretty, and I will try to eschew the effects of winter like the plague. So, here's my addition to the discourse of skin, and of the "saviors" that I've been reaching for since the harsher season has set upon us, even though half of me is cringing writing this up. 

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